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Domestic bathroom accessories should pay attention to changing ideas


2022-05-12 11:28

By visiting Shilihe, Jimei, Aijia and other building materials and home decoration markets, the reporter learned that today's bathroom accessories market has entered the Warring States period. Ms. Lu told reporters that the quality of imported products was relatively high, but the prices of imported products were relatively high, which was higher than that of imported products a few years ago. Domestic brands have an advantage in price, and many consumers or units considering cost will also consider buying such products. Today's market is different. After several years of polishing and experience of learning from each other, domestic brands have greatly changed in style design and have long been out of the dilemma of old and single style. The continuous progress in technology has gradually narrowed the distance with foreign brands. Now consumers often consider domestic brand products.
The statement of Ms. Lu, a retailer, has been verified by manufacturers. Through the telephone call of the retailer reporter, the relevant marketing managers expressed the same view: it can be said that the development path of Andeli sanitary ware is reflecting the forward course of China's sanitary ware accessories industry. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, the operators realized that if domestic brand bathroom accessories want to regain the domestic market and share the world with foreign brands, they must practice their internal skills hard, and technology is the core element. Over the past few years, the company has a number of patented technologies and gradually improved advanced production equipment. At the same time, actively absorb the design concept of international brands, cultivate and build their own design and management team. Their efforts live up to their intentions. Only when the products are excellent can the enterprise have a broader development space. Over the past few years, the bathroom accessories series such as laershidan under Andry have become a dark horse in the industry and become a leading enterprise in the industry.
Details determine success or failure. Domestic bathroom accessories should pay more attention to details
"Details determine success or failure", a word originally used in students, was later transplanted to a famous management book and became a household name "management oral language". However, the development of China's bathroom accessories industry is more appropriate if it is defined by this word.
There is such a group of figures: in 2005, the scale of China's faucet market was about 30 billion yuan, the industrial sales output value increased by 32.75% over the same period of last year, and the profit increased by 44.49%, showing a blowout. In terms of numbers, this market seems very easy to do. However, with the deepening of research, the results are not optimistic. No local brand in the 30 billion bathroom industry has sold more than 500 million! The high-end market is almost occupied by imported brands, and even whether to use imported brand bathroom products has become the standard for hotels to evaluate stars.
After a lapse of six years, we have seen more and more domestic brand bathroom accessories series such as lesitan emerge. This change shows that the horn of the turnaround of domestic bathroom accessories has gradually approached, and the hard training of internal skills over the past few years has also achieved initial results. However, it is a long way to go. Senior experts in the industry have put forward the calm thinking of "revolution has not been successful, comrades still need to work hard".
At a time when domestic brands are rejuvenated and the horn of recovering the domestic bathroom accessories market is getting louder and louder, a professor of marketing department of a domestic university, Market analysis expert Professor Liu pointed out: "Whenever consumers choose products, they will also consider the brand, style, function and other main factors, and these factors will be considered in combination with the price. Therefore, what kind of sanitary ware to buy has the highest cost performance has become the most concerned problem of decoration consumers. Domestic brands should pay more attention to the sex price ratio, and do not lose the price advantage of the original market because of design, patent and other cost factors. In addition, service is also very important in the consumption process Yes, don't have the problem of tiger head and snake tail. In addition, Professor Liu also pointed out that the relevant national management departments should also pay attention to one point. While purposefully supporting state-owned brands, they should also focus on market management to avoid the phenomenon of intermingled good and bad and shoddy
Products disrupt the market and drag back the domestic bathroom accessories industry, which is already full of vitality.
Details determine success or failure. What should we do?
In view of the views put forward by enterprises and relevant market experts and the current situation of the consumer market, relevant senior market analysts also put forward several suggestions:
1. Both absorption and innovation
It is not difficult to see the importance of absorption and innovation for enterprises from the successful experience of domestic bathroom accessories enterprises such as Andeli. With people's increasingly superior material living standards, the requirements for the beauty of products will be higher and higher. Take a humble faucet as an example, carefully study the evolution history of the faucet, and finally find that the modeling appearance and valve core technology are the two focuses of the development of the industry. Product aesthetics and technical details are the first issues to be considered by enterprises.
2. Life of quality core
If the appearance and use technology are the magic weapon to open the hearts of consumers, the quality details of products are the adhesive to maintain the relationship between consumers and products for a long time. The sentence "quality is the core of product vitality" will never change. In this regard, enterprises can rely on ISO9001:2008 and other relevant international quality system requirements and standards to strictly require all links of production, and must establish a high-quality and high-quality management team to scientifically manage the producers themselves.
3. Open up channels and change ideas
Small products, big image. Turning small products into large products is a transformation that marketing must complete. Operators must pay attention to the details of publicity ideas. It can be said that the era of wine not afraid of deep alleys is over. There are no small products in the world, only small marketing. Big marketing is to sell small products into big products. In fact, today's era of science and technology provides a unique opportunity for all enterprises to sell small products into large products. The application of Internet platform not only provides new sales channels for products, but also brings various publicity means to enterprises.
Details determine success or failure. I believe that after the domestic bathroom accessories enterprises unremittingly practice their internal skills, we will see more excellent brands appear in the market.



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