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Introduction to bathroom hardware accessories


2022-05-12 11:27

Introduction to bathroom hardware accessories
Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined as metal products installed in the bathroom and hung and placed with towels and bath towels (bath products such as soap, bath liquid, hand sanitizer, shampoo, moisturizer and other beauty products, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash cup, etc.).
It probably includes: clothes hook, towel rack, bath towel rack, paper towel rack, towel ring, toilet brush, soap net, storage rack, toothbrush cup, faucet, rain shower, angle valve, hose, bellows, etc
Material classification
The production materials of bathroom hardware accessories are mainly pure copper pendant, stainless steel pendant, aluminum alloy pendant and zinc alloy pendant
Purchase common sense
1、 Look at the material
All copper cast products are often compact in structure and weighed by hand. In addition to being heavier than similar products, they also feel solid and durable.
2、 Look at the coating
The standard plating layer can not only make the product surface fine and uniform, but also avoid oxidation and rust in humid environment. Look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no blister on the surface and the coating is uniform, you can choose.
3、 See craft
Products processed by strict process standards often go through complex machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products not only have beautiful appearance and good performance, but also have excellent hand feel, uniform, smooth and flawless.
Development status of bathroom hardware accessories
(1) Relying on scientific and technological innovation to break through trade barriers, China's sanitary hardware products have been cheap and beautiful for a long time, which are deeply loved by foreign dealers and consumers, and the export volume has doubled. However, with the gradual increase of export volume and the deterioration of the international economic situation, more and more countries begin to implement various approximate harsh technical standards to manufacture trade barriers, which increases the difficulty for Chinese health enterprises to explore the foreign lock market. In the face of this trend and to solve the problem of trade protection, the first thing for China's health enterprises is to rely on scientific and technological innovation and upgrade industrial standards. According to experts, the first thing to break through technical barriers to trade is that products must meet the standard requirements. In order to ensure that the products put on the market meet the standards, manufacturers should establish a product control system. In addition to meeting local technical standards, sanitary products should also meet the living habits and thinking mode of local residents. At present, under the increasing export pressure, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises pay more and more attention to relevant international standards, greatly improve product quality, try to meet relevant technical standards, and avoid export disputes caused by standard barriers. With the gradual enhancement of the strength of China's health enterprises, the product standards of more and more health enterprises have reached or even exceeded the harsh product standards of foreign countries. High standard products and reasonable prices will become the key factors to break trade barriers, so as to win a larger overseas market.
(2) Maintain the European and American markets and expand emerging markets, but the economic downturn caused by the financial crisis in the United States, Japan and Europe has greatly reduced the demand. Orders from Europe, the United States and Japan have decreased to varying degrees, resulting in a sharp decline in export orders, making many export-oriented enterprises face survival pressure. At present, facing the current difficulties, on the one hand, we try our best to maintain several major markets in Europe, the United States and Japan, and actively invite new and old customers to purchase; On the other hand, we will focus on finding emerging markets and vigorously explore emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. For many domestic export enterprises, the current economic situation is full of difficulties, but there are also many opportunities. The Chinese market is like a pearl of the night in the eyes of the world. Strong domestic demand will be an important growth point of the economy in the future. Many enterprises that used to focus on export began to re-examine their market strategies and this fertile land, and formulate the future development direction.
(3) To speed up the strategic marketing of overseas hardware brands, China's health enterprises should pay more attention to the construction and development of their own brands, develop their own brands, and do a good job in brand publicity and planning. Ten domestic famous brands such as Dilang and vatio have emerged. According to the characteristics of foreign trade enterprises, enterprises should fully understand the market changes, appropriately grasp the scale of processing, combine OEM processing with the creation of private brands, reasonably determine the proportion of OEM processing and private brands, and learn the management and technology of world-famous brands through OEM processing, Through its own hardware brand, it will build its popularity in the domestic and international markets, expand the market share of its own brand and improve the price competitiveness of enterprises. Before the outbreak of the crisis, several foreign trade enterprises in Chaozhou had started their own brand marketing in the Southeast Asian market and opened exclusive stores in the form of brand franchise. Therefore, the enterprises were less affected when the economic crisis occurred. In short, with the increasing comprehensive competitiveness of China's sanitary enterprises, the gap between China and foreign advanced sanitary enterprises in industry standards, product quality, production technology and other aspects is becoming smaller and smaller. With the intensification of international trade competition, the traditional way of low-cost processing and export in the past must be properly adjusted under the new form. China's foreign trade strategy should be gradually adjusted at the expense of the national environment, and the development of renewable resources will not be feasible in the future.
Future development trend
For the future development of bathroom hardware industry, entrepreneurs invariably lock in three key words: optimism, e-commerce and energy conservation and environmental protection.
1、 Optimistic
With the advent of the global financial crisis, China's bathroom industry is one of the industries that feel the deepest impact. Affected by real estate, the sales of bathroom hardware industry has been declining. However, with the improvement of the economic form, the macro-control of national policies and the continuous rise and development of real estate, the overall market situation of bathroom hardware industry must begin to develop with the market. In particular, the demand of many people for house purchase and decoration remains high, which will continue in the future. Therefore, the bathroom hardware industry still has great development space, and the market prospect is full of expectations.
2、 E-commerce
The emergence and development of e-commerce have a profound impact on traditional economic and trade activities. It not only adds vitality to the global economy, but also is changing people's traditional working and thinking mode.
In any bathroom hardware company or enterprise, cost control is the key to maximize profits. According to the statistics of Forbes, e-commerce can save 5% - 10% of enterprise transaction costs. At the same time, in the e-commerce environment, bathroom hardware importers and bathroom hardware consumers in a country can not only seek the lowest price bathroom hardware products in the world by providing a bathroom hardware commodity price comparison website, but also buy lower price products in the form of online auction and collective bargaining. To a certain extent, this is equivalent to reducing the price of imported bathroom hardware products in the country, which is conducive to the development and growth of bathroom hardware import trade in the country, forming a trade expansion effect. Moreover, e-commerce realizes the real-time transmission and exchange of standard format documents (such as contracts, bills of lading, invoices, etc.) between commercial users. The buyer and the seller can directly handle various foreign trade business procedures such as ordering, negotiation, signing, customs declaration, inspection declaration, chartering and space booking, tax payment, payment and settlement online without leaving home, which greatly shortens the transaction time and makes the whole transaction very fast and convenient, thus driving finance, customs, transportation Improve the work efficiency of insurance and other relevant departments.
With the further strengthening of global economic integration and more fierce market competition, e-commerce integrating computer technology, network technology and information technology will become the main mode of international trade and the engine of economic growth in the world.
3、 Energy conservation and environmental protection
Health and water saving are still a theme in the bathroom hardware industry for many years. The deterioration of the environment has aroused the world's attention to the fate of the earth. Energy conservation and emission reduction has become a major issue in front of the people of the world.
For the consumers of bathroom hardware, many people begin to focus on the price. For example, whether this product is suitable for your family's style, quality, even brand, product color, high cost performance and environmental protection have become the focus of consumers' reference and purchase. Especially with the improvement of economic life, more and more people pay more and more attention to health, and environmental protection has naturally become the key.



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