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In the next two years, there will be great business opportunities for sanitary ware and bathroom accessories


2022-05-12 11:26

It is reported that according to the notice on the transformation of urban housing sanitary ware issued by relevant state departments, Shanghai has begun to eliminate the water tank accessories on the old toilet and use water-saving accessories instead. Residential areas in Xuhui, Yangpu and Pudong have been involved. In addition, according to the "water saving task" determined by Shanghai, the water authority will timely adjust the price of tap water this year, explore the establishment of a comprehensive water price mechanism with stepped water price as the core, and give play to the regulatory role of water price in water conservation; Strengthen water-saving publicity, increase the promotion and application of water-saving technologies and water-saving appliances, and strive to complete the transformation of 50000 high water consumption toilets; Select one administrative region, two industrial zones, 10 campuses, 20 communities and 100 enterprises to carry out the demonstration pilot of building a water-saving society by using comprehensive measures such as economy, law, technology, administration and publicity.
The market price of sanitary ware varies greatly
According to the five-year plan of Shanghai Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, more than 550000 sets of water-saving ball valves and water inlet * * will be purchased to transform the old-fashioned toilet of residents' families free of charge. At the same time, law enforcement will be strengthened to eliminate the high water consumption Toilet Accessories banned by the state.
In an interview with reporters, a person from the Shanghai planned water use office said that these water appliances are 60 to 70 yuan per set. If they are damaged after one year of installation, residents have to pay for them themselves. This is not a small business for Hushang building materials and hardware market.
At present, sanitary ware is generally sold through four channels: building materials stores, decoration companies, networks and brand stores. Many sanitary ware dealers told reporters that the real estate market has a great impact on the sales of building materials this year, and the sales of sanitary ware have decreased year-on-year compared with previous years. However, some people in the industry are more optimistic about the market prospect of sanitary ware. The style and function of sanitary ware are updated rapidly. Today, in the pursuit of quality of life, people will update sanitary products according to their own needs. Moreover, the installation of sanitary ware in the whole family decoration is only a small project, and the replacement is not troublesome.
Unlimited business opportunities for bathroom accessories
Industry insiders believe that there is a large market space for bathroom hardware accessories. There are many sets of bathroom accessories, but they generally include mirrors, toothbrush cups, tooth cup holders, soap tables, towel bars, bath towel holders, clothes hooks, paper tube holders, clothes hooks and toilet brush boxes. Bathroom accessories are consumables due to their frequent use and rapid product update. In addition, they look like exquisite works of art and are easy to attract consumption.
It is understood that from the material point of view, the bathroom hardware on the market is mainly made of titanium alloy, pure copper chromium plating and stainless steel chromium plating. Titanium alloy hardware * * is exquisite and durable, but the price * * is expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan; Pure copper chrome plated products can effectively prevent oxidation and ensure quality. They are the mainstream of the current market, with a price of about 100 yuan; The price of stainless steel chrome plating is * * low, mostly within 100 yuan, but the service life is also * * short. In terms of color, most of these new generation bathroom hardware products get rid of the original hard and cold stainless steel color, and silver white and brass occupy the mainstream now.




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