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The future development of bathroom enterprises will be unique in human intelligence


2022-05-12 11:25

In the past two decades, the domestic sanitary ware market has experienced a process from scratch, from disorder to scale. The continuous vigorous real estate industry and architectural decoration industry provide a strong foundation and guarantee for the growth of sanitary ware enterprises. At present, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of sanitary facilities. China's sanitary ware accounts for 30% of the world's total, and sanitary accessories account for almost 35% of the world's total. At the same time, some sanitary brands with brand influence and appeal have also appeared on the international stage.
Over reliance on foreign brands
Fatal injury - over reliance on foreign brands
These brands have a certain strength in product quality, brand building and other aspects, but they are still facing the problem of difficulty in entering domestic high-end architectural decoration projects. As the main consumers in the domestic high-end market, five-star hotels mainly choose international bathroom brands rather than local products when purchasing bathroom products. This is a cruel situation that the domestic bathroom industry has to face and ponder.
There is no flagship enterprise, which means that there is a large profit space in the industry, so the scale obstacle is not obvious or does not exist at all. Then, before the orderly scale of the market is formed, the industry is bound to conduct a spontaneous brand integration, followed by those brands with low scientific and technological content, no research ability, blindly relying on imitation and low price to impact the market will die out in two or three years, and then gradually form a situation in which * * brands dominate the world.
Development direction - continuous integration and challenges
High end itself is a contest of value innovation. This situation of integration is both an opportunity and a challenge for sanitary ware enterprises. How to become bigger and stronger in the integration and make sanitary ware another internationally renowned industry after home appliances is the top priority for every sanitary ware enterprise.
Of course, the word "flagship" is simple to say and difficult to do. In addition to the enterprises themselves, the government, society and decoration industry should also give domestic brands a market environment for fair competition. With the full opening of the Chinese market, the open market should be exchanged for the development and progress of Chinese enterprises, so as to create China's world * * enterprises and brands.
If the bathroom market in the past two decades is just a solo dance and singing of major international brands, the next time should be the end of domestic brands.
Humanized and intelligent design is unique in the world
The specialty of bathroom products is that it is one of the household products with high concentration of product use and experience. A comfortable and eye-catching bathtub is as important to a family as a sofa and bed.
For the changes of sanitary products in the future, many sanitary ware manufacturers said that with the improvement of people's consumption level, modern sanitary products not only meet the needs of residents' life, but also have the consumption demand of sanitary products in the whole residential area, public places, office facilities, hotels and leisure areas. The competition of modern sanitary products will be more and more fierce. The large-scale application of various high-tech means and art culture has become the inevitable trend and selling point of sanitary products.
A few years ago, many foreigners lamented that the "convenient place" in the bathroom of Chinese families was too "inconvenient". Nowadays, bathroom space has become the focus of our home decoration, and some * * Brand intelligent fully automatic toilets have entered ordinary people's families. For example, the innovative design of Eagle bathroom's flush free urinal, angel angle Series suite, gamma integrated combined bathroom cabinet, barrier free bathroom products and so on are all products integrating humanization and intelligence.
The trend of simplicity not only affects the overall decoration of the room, but also affects the development of bathroom, so bathroom equipment often becomes "simple" and "convenient". The hand washing table no longer blindly pursues the luxury of marble countertop; The toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; More and more rational consumers will not install a large bathtub or shower room without considering the area of their own bathroom.
Follow the example of home appliance marketing and store monopoly
For a long time, sanitary ware is often compared with the home appliance industry because it is considered to be quite close to the home appliance industry in terms of brand attribute, product connotation and added value, after-sales service and so on. In recent years, the sanitary ware industry has also begun to absorb more and more advanced marketing concepts and practices from other industries such as home appliances, which are mainly reflected in increasing advertising investment for end consumers, paying attention to after-sales service, absorbing cross industry marketing management talents, and paying attention to the training of manufacturers and dealers.
The sales advantage of hypermarkets * * is reflected in having a fixed target audience and relatively stable traffic, which is also the primary reason for enterprises to choose to enter stores.
But just as KFC and McDonald's opened their stores near department stores and Midea Gree opened its exclusive stores in front of Gome Suning, independent exclusive stores in the bathroom industry also began to blossom everywhere in front of home stores.



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