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Bathroom products and accessories industry ushered in innovation and change, enhance the user experience

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2024/01/30 10:37

January 30, 2024: With the continuous development of social economy and people's pursuit of quality of life, the bathroom products and accessories industry is ushering in a wave of innovative changes to meet consumers' needs for high quality, comfort and convenience. In recent years, the bathroom industry has made significant progress in technological innovation, design concepts and environmental awareness, bringing users a new experience.

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Bathroom hardware accessories knowledge introduction

Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined as metal products installed in the toilet, hanging and placing towels and bath towels (bath products such as soap, bath lotion, hand lotion, shampoo, body lotion and other beauty products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash cups, etc.).

Domestic bathroom accessories should focus on section operators to change their thinking

Through visiting Shilihe, Jimei, Aijia and other building materials and home decoration markets, the reporter learned that today's bathroom accessories market has entered the Warring States period. Retailer Ms. Lu told reporters: A few years ago, the market was polarized. Imported brand products occupied the high-end market. The standards of aesthetics and quality were higher than those of domestic products, but the prices were relatively high. However, domestic brands have an advantage in price, and many consumers or units that consider cost will also consider buying such products. Today's market is different. After several years of polishing and learning from each other's strong points, domestic brands have greatly improved their style design and have long been out of the dilemma of old and single style. The continuous progress in technology has gradually narrowed the distance with foreign brands. Now consumers often consider domestic brand products.

Exquisite small accessories "finishing" beautiful bathroom

A few years ago, it was a luxury to carve the bathroom in the home decoration, but now the bathroom products are transformed into the protagonist in the change of the quality of life. Modern bathroom ideas are becoming more and more "humanized", which is a blend of physiological and cultural factors. Enjoying the bathroom has become a fashion. In the decoration of the bathroom space, in addition to the bathtub, basin, toilet, and the treatment of walls and floors, it is more important to be good at using small bathroom accessories to portray the bathroom as a mood picture that suits your style. Looking at foreign decoration magazines, you will find that many interesting bathroom accessories make the bathroom more colorful. Those small accessories with unique design and excellent materials are simply works of art. With them in the bathroom, there is a finishing touch.

Tell you to buy bathroom accessories practical experience

How to choose bathroom accessories? What are the characteristics? 1. Features: There are many sets, mainly bathroom cabinets, mirrors, toothbrush cups, soap tables, towel bars, towel racks, roll paper racks, clothes hooks, etc. The structure is relatively simple.

What are the components of plastic parts?

Some plastics are simple resins, such as polyethylene and polystyrene, which are called single component plastics. In addition to synthetic resins, some plastics also contain other auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, various fillers, etc., called multi-component plastics.

The future development of sanitary ware enterprises, human intelligence will be unique in the world

In the past two decades, the domestic sanitary ware market has experienced a process from scratch, from disorder to scale. The continuous vigorous real estate industry and architectural decoration industry have provided a strong foundation and guarantee for the growth of sanitary ware enterprises. At present, China has become the largest producer and consumer of sanitary facilities in the world. China's sanitary ware accounts for 30% of the world's total, and sanitary ware accessories account for almost 35% of the world's total. At the same time, some sanitary ware brands with brand influence and appeal have also appeared on the international stage.

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